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Chills On The Cliffs

I spent the evening thinking about the tragic incident in London, however, I was able to catch some tranquility prior. These are some photographs from the Torrey Pines Glider Port. It's a place that has always proven to relax me on the shakiest of days. Below the gallery are some of my thoughts on our world, the events that have occurred recently, and my own conclusion.

Featuring: Joey Kaotyk

Closing Words:

The world is full of uncertainty. It's never clear whether each day will be your last, nor if you will come home to a family that is stricken by tragedy. The life that we breathe day to day has never been guaranteed, and what we do with each moment should never be taken lightly.

I can't really describe exactly what I feel right now, but upset is the closest emotion that I can pair my mind with. What happened in London is another example of that fragility we live with each day. The part that I have the most difficult part understanding is that these are actions committed upon human beings, by fellow people. Where did they go wrong? What caused this? Is it us? Is it the society we've created? Is it the bridges we've burned among ourselves? Why can't there be peace. Why do events like this have to keep happening? Why do people have to die?

I don't understand. I don't want to accept it. The world we live in is already complicated, why do more to ourselves to make it even worse than it already is.

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