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San Diego Exploration w/ Joey Kaotyk

The homie came through from his 2 month long journey in Asia. Dude was hopping between Taiwan, Japan, China and India like it was nothing. Check out his daily blogs on Youtube Here. The day in San Diego started off with a delicious ramen bowl at Tajima. Then we worked our way to the Courtyard by Marriott and had a tour of the tower. Once inside, we also were able to take a look at the bank vault in the basement, which was something like out of a movie. Wandering more towards the waterfront we ended up at the San Diego Convention Center where Comic Con is held at every year. Stopping back at home for a few minutes to rest, we cooled off and headed back out towards Little Italy. Destination being James Coffee Company to check out the ambiance and have some caffeine. Spotting the airplanes we took a detour to catch a very specific photograph. So pleased with how everything came out today and very happy to share with you the photos.


"i dream, a lot. and i still do. ・not get bullied for not knowing english used to be a dream. ・to make friends used to be a dream. ・to find a passion suitable for myself used to be a dream. ・winning battles with a crew used to be a dream. ・traveling the world through breaking used to be a dream. ・making a sustainable living used to be a dream. ・graduating college used to be a dream. ・to do certain moves used to be a dream. ・to teach and exchange in a different part of the world used to be a dream. and so much more.. we are free to dream and to do anything in this world. so start now. it's what dreams are made of."


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