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I want to thank everyone that came out on Sunday to the meetup. It was awesome to see so many great people in one spot. The sunset had some color and surprisingly it wasn’t too terribly windy or cold. Perfect conditions for the smokes grenades that were lit off and a nice happy setting to shoot in for portraiture work.

After chatting with everyone, I was surprised to see a lot of people hadn’t been to a meet up before. That’s awesome! A ton of ideas were exchanged between photographers and models, new friendships were made, and I saw so many great shots. San Francisco was the first place I ever went to a meet up (Treasure Island WWIM in 2015, who else was there?), and I always felt the community was huge out in the Bay Area. Never a shortage of friends or good scenery out there.

What is really great about these meetups is the amount of inspiration and liveliness they bring to everyone that attends. If it wasn't for the first one I went to, I may not have ever become so serious about photography to the point where I decided I would dedicate all of my waking minutes towards it.


Check out the amazing recap video that Cameron (@theclearestblur) made!


These are the group photos from the meet! Feel free to download if you were there!

Check out the photographs being posted on the #PopUpSutro Hashtag Here!!

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