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Art Street 916

Wow!! Ok first off, if you haven't been to Art Street. Make plans to go!

M5Arts has created another amazing exhibition for all of Sacramento to enjoy. Last year they brought to us Art Hotel, and it was my first time being introduced into what they do. I was completely blown away by that and made sure I was up to date on their project for this year.

Art Street is going on from February 3rd - 25th, 2017 at 300 1st Avenue, Sacramento. They're open M-F 3pm - 9pm and Sat + Sun 11am - 9pm. More information can be found on their website at:

If you read my blog regularly and you are into different art concepts I think you're really going to like the event.

There is something there for everybody, and there is never a wrong way to interpret art. Whatever the pieces say to you on a personal level, is what it becomes. That is the real beauty in this. While there are so many levels of depth to the whole exhibition you will leave each installation with your own perspective and meaning to it.

My friend Wel Sed has an exhibit called the Secret Back Room. If you are lucky enough to be allowed to see it, I believe you will have a very "awoken" perspective on the meaning behind it. I absolutely love it.

It's the homegirl Cyndal McKay painted up big!

Welcome to the Secret Back Room.

Fun Fact: This painting was originally going to be a picture of Kira with the Bunny Mask on that I posted a while ago, but I couldn't get a reference photo to Wel in time for him to paint it for Art Street. #EpicFail

Make sure you pull this drawer out... or push it in.

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