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Kinley Portrait Workshop

Kinley Natural Light Portrait Photography Workshop

Kira and I are very excited to finally bring this workshop to life. After learning photography over the past several years, from much trial and error, and many mistakes, I am happy to announce I've put together all of my knowledge into a comprehensive class. Enter the run-down of my mental process going into a portrait session. I've broken up everything into the fundamentals.


The practical goal of the class is to have my students leaving with at least one edited photo they are proud of, with elements in it they have learned. I've constructed this to be hands on as well. Having Kira there will be crucial to guiding and giving critiques from the model's perspective. We will take to the streets, to really roll the dice and work with what weather provides, something you will always have to do as a photographer using natural light. After getting some practice in and gathering some usable shots, the class breaks into a Lightroom editing session. That's where I'll show the entire process I use when reviewing an image, and editing it to achieve my "look". At last, when everything is complete, there will be time to do a Q&A to answer anything else that comes up.

Below is the link to the EventBrite for our first one on Feb. 11th, 2017. Sign-up within the first 48 hours of this announcement (6pm on 1/31/17) and you will receive a $25 discount on your ticket.

Thank you for your support and I hope to see you at this class or a future one! Cheers!


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