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Mt. Shasta

This past weekend was incredible to me. I had the opportunity to go to Mt. Shasta on a 3-day photo trip completely sponsored by H Influencers. It was one of those little "vacations" that revived some life in me and brought me back to where I've always loved creating, out in nature, away from civilization, with a few things and a great group of people to share the experience with. I'm more excited to show you a few of my photos from the trip, with many many more to come in the next week. Included is a roster of everyone that was there, which is a list of very very talented and creative individuals. I have to give a special shout out to two guys that made a huge difference on the trip.

The first is to Nathaniel Gerdes, for organizing, hosting, and planning the entire stay. He's been to Shasta in the past and knows exactly where everything is and is completely "in tune" to the mountain. He has a pretty interesting story with Mt. Shasta that gives him a pretty unique and out of this world bond with the area.

The second is to Mr. Scott Borrero. He's always been an influence to my work and it was incredible to get to spend some time learning from the master himself. Extremely humble and with a genuine direction in his heart towards art, if you haven't already heard of him, you will very soon, I don't doubt that at all. He's setting the example that I wish to follow in my own path, and hope that one day we get to meet up again for some more fun and creative projects.

To Ted, Arial, Kirstie, Delaney, Carly, you all are so so talented. This trip wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable without all of your presences. From Star Wars Rogue One, to freezing to death nearly every day, to Ted the Timber Tenderer on Tinder... Let's all plan up for a round 2 sometime later down the road yes?

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