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The Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest. Seattle. Washington State.

I loved every minute of the trip. From embarking from SMF to screening out of SEA to return home. The first day I arrived I planned out everything I was going to do that weekend. Thankful that my buddy Jimmy and his wife Jenniya were able to take me in, they were awesome hosts. At the end of that day, I turned on Netflix to watch “No Country for Old Men”. Man that was a trip.

Photo by Eryn Harvey

The next morning I woke up at 5am to catch sunrise at Snoqualmie Falls. The drive out there was gorgeous, in the darkness, with some foggy roads leading out there. I got out of the Jeep and got to check out the falls in all its glory, all by myself. It was beautiful, and I could have stayed there all day if I hadn’t already arranged the rest of the day’s adventure.

I took off north towards Deception Pass where my old shipmate and friend Paul Harvey lives. He’s currently a pilot in the U.S. Navy, I’ve known him since his time as my trainee in Japan, and now he’s a Lieutenant kicking ass for our country. Love that guy. We traveled to a lot of places around Deception Pass, that I honestly can’t remember the names of, but that doesn’t matter. The views were breathtaking.

The next day, I had to set up shoots with some of the talent in Seattle. I was so inspired from the first day’s adventure I knew I had to really make the most of my trip and meet some of the girls out there. I was able to set up a shoot with Megan Moes at Pikes Place Market in the morning. We did some great work together and enjoyed the stroll. You can find her on Instagram at @meganmoes.

After the shoot with Megan I went out to Port Orchard to meet up with my old buddy and boss Tom. Tom lives in the ultimate man cave in the woods. With 3 1/2 acres of land, a bunch of cars, and a large garage, he’s set. Also the hammock was perfect for chilling in.

I came back to Seattle that evening, so that I could meet up with Jazmine (@jazminejolt). We had locked in a shoot for the night time off the roof of Jimmy’s apartment. The views of the city lights were amazing for the night shots we got. Jazmine killed that shoot entirely.

Finally, my adventure ended with the pleasure and honor of photographing Caitlin and Justin Lastuka’s wedding! It was held in a really secluded venue at Poulsbo. There was an old barn and really lovely grove of trees where the ceremony was held. I’m glad I was able to get some really great shots of the wedding. I can’t wait to complete the photos for them.

At last, everything came to an end, I flew back on Monday morning and enjoyed my day off as it was Labor Day. The whole weekend was a real fast trip. But honestly, what I learned during the whole thing was that in 4 short days, I accomplished more than what I’m used to doing in 2-3 weeks in Sacramento. My mind was where it needed to be, focused and sharp. I’m going to be finding ways to keep myself on the road, when I’m home, it seems my creativity and motivation trails off in the comfort I have here.

Until next time.


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