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Uprise Collective - Hot Italian

Uprise Collective was able to host another great art show at Hot Italian on June 11th. The turnout was nice, and we received a lot of local support from other artists and photographers of Sacramento. This was my first time having any art displayed to the public, so it was a very meaningful show to me. I see this one as the first of many. I learned a few things from this exhibition and can't wait to take what I've learned to the next show and beyond. Huge thank you to all involved, from the hospitality of Hot Italian, to help from American Gypsy Apparel, all the way down to the great guys that make up Uprise Collective. Donations and proceeds that we raised are going towards the Food Literacy Center here in Sacramento.

Uprise Featured:

Thank you for all the support Gabe and family!

@oddpetals and @rickyrockety talking serious business strategy.

Best way to win the raffle? Buy all the tickets.

Our lovely Vanna @_paraselene White for the evening

Too much insanity in one picture.

Thanks for stopping by Liz and Rich!


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