Another Time in Los Angeles

I find the more I do trips and keep getting myself deeper into photography, I have to step back and reflect more on exactly what is it that I do.

The trip to L.A. began as an idea that Jose and I had. We took off on a Thursday night and returned by early Sunday morning.

Now originally, Jose is all about doing fashion and lifestyle photography. I'm more of a landscape, cityscape, let's do something creative with models -type person. We were lucky enough to schedule a couple shoots to keep us busy while we were there, missing a couple of folks we wanted to see, but still making by with a full agenda.

If there's anything I learned this trip, it's that we need to spend more than just 2 days in Los Angeles. Also we need to ensure we have a reliable place to stick out the nights, a hostel would be a fun way to get to meet others that are passing by.

I enjoyed hanging out in numerous coffee shops, finding a few hours here and there to edit between shoots. It was fun adventuring downtown LA for the majority of the trip. Jose had a shoot with Shelly set up under a really cool highway. It was near the Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Broad, a really amazing area. While we were down there shooting, we unexpectedly ran into Hennessy Vandheur skateboarding down the street. He was able to take us on a little adventure, showing some Los Angeles hospitality. Thanks for the views man.

There was a shoot that I set up with Katie, and WOW. I had a blast with the shots. She's just getting her feet wet with modeling, but definitely expecting some moves from her.

Finally, there was a quick trip to San Diego, to meet with a friend who let us stay the night, and then a nice shoot with my friend Nathan, who had a great story behind the photographs we did.

This trip was very productive, and Jose and I were busy 24/7. We slept little, so that's a sign we squeezed out every ounce of Los Angeles as we could.

Til next time.


Katie (@lilhearts)

Nathan (@athensramseyer)

Shelly (@shehlani)

Hennessy (@vandheur | Website )

Jose (@haveyoumetjose)



Shoutout to Haven & Florin