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Another Time in Los Angeles

I find the more I do trips and keep getting myself deeper into photography, I have to step back and reflect more on exactly what is it that I do.

The trip to L.A. began as an idea that Jose and I had. We took off on a Thursday night and returned by early Sunday morning.

Now originally, Jose is all about doing fashion and lifestyle photography. I'm more of a landscape, cityscape, let's do something creative with models -type person. We were lucky enough to schedule a couple shoots to keep us busy while we were there, missing a couple of folks we wanted to see, but still making by with a full agenda.

If there's anything I learned this trip, it's that we need to spend more than just 2 days in Los Angeles. Also we need to ensure we have a reliable place to stick out the nights, a hostel would be a fun way to get to meet others that are passing by.

I enjoyed hanging out in numerous coffee shops, finding a few hours here and there to edit between shoots. It was fun adventuring downtown LA for the majority of the trip. Jose had a shoot with Shelly set up under a really cool highway. It was near the Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Broad, a really amazing area. While we were down there shooting, we unexpectedly ran into Hennessy Vandheur skateboarding down the street. He was able to take us on a little adventure, showing some Los Angeles hospitality. Thanks for the views man.

There was a shoot that I set up with Katie, and WOW. I had a blast with the shots. She's just getting her feet wet with modeling, but definitely expecting some moves from her.

Finally, there was a quick trip to San Diego, to meet with a friend who let us stay the night, and then a nice shoot with my friend Nathan, who had a great story behind the photographs we did.

This trip was very productive, and Jose and I were busy 24/7. We slept little, so that's a sign we squeezed out every ounce of Los Angeles as we could.

Til next time.


Katie (@lilhearts)

Shelly (@shehlani)

Hennessy (@vandheur | Website )




Shoutout to Haven & Florin



Who's that random skater? It's Hennessy

Shelly on Fire

One of my favorites

Long days and rough nights. Nathan

The goodnight we were sent with. Taken somewhere in the nothingness between Los Angeles and Northern California. Nothing like being in the middle of nowhere and seeing the night sky illuminated.

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