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Death Valley & The Uprise Collective

I have a lot to explain over the past week or so...

There's been a lot of great things that happened to occur to me.


Two weekends ago, I was in Death Valley and had an amazing time out there with good friends. Met some great people (some I already knew) and some new faces, people I think I'll be seeing again soon.


I got to see my photo in the Issue 2 of Art of Visuals.


I was asked if I was interested in joining Uprise Collective. I said yes.

I later found out that a photo of mine won me a free 3-day Jucy travel RV rental.

Basically, I'm pretty damn proud of what I've accomplished over the past couple of weeks. I couldn't do it with the help and support of everyone around me though. Without a team, without my people, I'm nothing. Just a photographer with a bunch of pictures and no one to share them to.

I covered part of the Uprise Collective art event that took place last Saturday, and what I wanted to share with you today. The venue was Quality Boutique & Bru. A nice shop in mid-town that does a little bit of everything. I liked the vibes being thrown out, and the merchandise was top. A few issues of Hypebeast here and there, some drinks, and of course, everyone's photographs. Not to mention, much of the proceeds went towards the Front Street Animal Shelter. Hopefully we saved a few kittens or inspired someone to give a cute animal a new home!



Not Pictured:

Extra Cheesy!!!

Even pretty ladies came out to support us

Art arranged as art.

Way tooo cute.

Lisa sold an awesome canvas print!


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Be sure to also check out the Uprise Collective website for posts and updates on the next show!


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