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Relentless Truth

I am finally able to share with you the photoset I titled "Relentless Truth". It was a project with the extremely talented model Shanza Marie.

I haven't shared with anyone my reasons or motivations behind some of the creative ideas I do, nobody asks. I'll explain what went on in my creative constructive process.

To me, this set came from some emotional thoughts I was dealing with at the time and I wanted to represent them in physical. Every day I was having dark visual ideas come through my head. I wanted to target a place in your mind that you go to when you feel alone and in pain. I wanted anyone to see these photos to be able to feel some type of sorrow, some mystery, and some darkness. The idea of taking paint and running it over Shanza's body represented the chaos and turmoil that we each go through in this unperfect world. The streaks were created with no intended "look". We wanted messy. We wanted imperfection. I think together we were able to capture it just the way we both felt was right. The moods and poses were all created by Shanza. She captured elegance and beauty in a way that feels vulnerable, yet reveals curiousity of what comes next. Each building block, from myself, and from her came together to create this set. I'm very proud of it, and without a doubt called it my best shoot of 2015. It was definitely the most creative one.

Everything came together.

Featuring: Shanza Marie (@shanza_marie)

Thank you to Dark Beauty Magazine for picking up one of the photos from this set to feature on their photography stream. Shanza and myself are honored.

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