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Park Strolls

Went to explore Capitol Park to see the cherry blossoms.

In Japan, everyone would gather to all of the parks under the hundreds of cherry blossoms planted, and spend a day under them. I miss it so much, all the friends, the music, the drinks.

Some of my favorite memories of Tokyo were there.

I wanted to take some shots of the cherry blossoms here before they disappeared. They're only in bloom for a few weeks before going away for another year.

We also stumbled across a rather haunting and eerie note left on a path... more on that later.


The next part was rather strange.

Walking along one of the paths we came across something that stuck out. A few flowers with a note laying beside them. We took a look at it and didn't want to touch it.

You could feel some dark energy surrounding the card that read "My Rapist Drew This".

And no we didn't destroy it... something about letting other people experience this, and spreading the author's message was more important than destroying the card.

I don't know if that sent shivers down your spine, but it did to me.

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