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SF AdventureMeet Returns

Saturday morning was the designated "Go to the Bay Area" day for me this past weekend. After waking up on my couch conveniently located in downtown Sacramento (after a fun night out with friends and Deadpool) I stumbled out, and got home to my shower to get ready for the day's events. I'm glad I didn't have to go alone, because it's decent drive. Karina, a very crazy Russian girl, said she wanted to go, so off we went to fight the traffic.

And there was tons of traffic.

I hate traffic.

I literally couldn't even.

Eventually we got to San Francisco, grabbed some lunch, and headed to the photo walk by Point Cavallo. I always love going out to the Bay to meet up with the homies out there. There's just so many talented photographers, and I always feel inspired to see everyone. The creatives out in the bay are on a whole 'nother level.

We stayed until sunset, and got to take a lot of fun shots. The way the skies lit up and the families of birds flying around made for some truly epic photographs.

I'll shut up and let you see them for yourselves.


Karina (@keri_karina)

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