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#IGersSac_10kstrong & Will Thompson

Chandler (@chandler_drake) getting in on the good stuff

This past weekend was a lot of fun to say the least. Very, very, eventful.

Thursday night I got home from work at 11pm. I decided to stay up and drive to the ocean and photograph the coast south of San Francisco down to Big Sur. It was an unforgettable solo experience. The rain poured heavily and my stamina and patience was tested, as throughout the next 48 hours I'd spend 2 hours asleep, and 8 hours driving, with plenty of drenched clothes, but valuable memories. Friday afternoon I got together with Megan and we destroyed a great photoset with a gas mask, and a smoke grenade. Working with her is truly liberating. She and I are definitely in the same sync of mind with the photo's we've created. We have some more ideas in the works, to have their own dedicated post when it's all said and done.

After our shoot we stopped by Timeless Thrills's grand opening to see our friend Will Thompson. You may know Will if you're a photographer in the Sacramento area. He's contributed so much to the community and truly brought it together. I owe many of my current friends to his "Good Tuesdayz" meetups throughout the summer. Anyways, he's launching a line of t-shirts with iconic Sacramento scenes, the first of which being Tower Bridge. The shirts look great, and they bring a sense of pride to be in Sacramento.

Finally, and lest not the least, was the IGers Sacramento meetup! They were celebrating their 10,000 follower milestone and had a great walk around Tower Bridge leading into Old Sacramento. While many of us have been through there in times past, we never cease to find something new in it. This photoset proves that. I love this community and I'm so blessed to be surrounded by so much talent. Everyone here has a part in what they bring to the table, everyone has some unique super power. Mine is pretending I have one.


Abel: (@abelinsane)

Will: (@goodthompson)

Zach: (@zrbphotos)

Cyndal: (@cyndalmckay)

Chelsea: (@facesofchelsea)

Angelo: (@newbezel)

Matt: (@mattwelter)

Russel: (@vincibleman)


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