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There's usually a negative connotation when someone is called obsessive. It can be a bad thing if it's for the wrong reasons.

I find myself up at the latest hours of the night and the blandest times of the day, on my laptop, editing, going through photos, and drafting up ideas for the next shoot I want to do.

The struggle to stay creative causes me to lag behind in all of the formal administrational work. Late to deliver photos to my models. Slow to respond to emails. And even sometimes I have to just take a break from talking to people.

Most of the time though, it's refreshing to be in my creative zone. When my mind is lit up like a firework show, my brain is wired, sending me ideas in tidal waves. I get in such a focused and obsessed mode, I can't be bothered. I don't take breaks. I don't quit until I get that one idea just the way I envision it.

Today's post is from Orlando. I was out with some really great guys over there, and I hope to see them again the next time I visit home. Some real down to earth photographers that keep the creative vibes going 24/7. Check out the crew if you get a chance. Biggest thanks to Q for linking me up with the rest of the night crew. Orlando was an experience.


Quay (@aroundq)

Rawy (@rawy.fla)

Luis (@eyesofsiul)

Cory (@translated)

Vando (@omgvando)


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