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Singing Under the Redwoods

This short story begins over in Davis. A few weeks back a local talent and singer/songwriter here in Sacramento named Xochitl contacted me about doing a shoot. At first I had to figure out how to pronounce her name, but it's actually really easy. It goes So - Chi. Turns out it's Aztec. Pretty cool start.


Nik Palomares (@NikPalomares)

We took a walk through the UC Davis Arboretum to take some photos. The sun was peering through the trees, and the wildlife was alive and running around the paths. Colorful birds and squirrels the size of cats. Stopping for a few shots by the trees a biker braked in front of me. He got off and extended a welcoming hand, it was Nik Palomares. He happened to be doing his usual ride through the trees and fate would have it we were there at the same time. He was doing a take-over for Visit Sacramento's instagram account for the weekend, and if you haven't seen it, he dropped some gorgeous photographs from the UC Davis area and the city. It's nice being reminded just how small the world is sometimes.

Xochitl and I kept talking and shooting, she's a full-time singer and songwriter here. Getting to know her a little better I can say she's great to be around and fun to converse with. Working on lots of things at once she's a busy and aspiring person who's following her passion. It's really good to meet someone that's hardworking on their craft. The sacrifices that all artists make really seem to go unnoticed at times. I'm glad we crossed paths.

Xochitl's website is where you can find information about her shows and music.

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