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I still need to edit last month's photos

Updating you with some news on the photography journey.

Can't stress how great the photowalk was. There will be another, we promise that.

I just got my first set of the prints "an evanescent memory", it's time to package them, prepare the limited editioning, and ship them to you amazing supporters who are the first collectors of my work.

thank you

thank you

thank you SO much.

I am VERY excited to be working forward with this and being in full control of every stage of this process. From packing my camera and tripod, driving out a hundred miles to a beautiful scene, capturing the photo, all the way to getting home and post-processing the edit, getting it just perfect for a print, selecting the style of print, and giving the shop the go ahead to fire up their printing press. It's amazing to get to a point (I still do not consider myself a professional by any means) where I'm able to give true Value to my photos.

I want to deliver a piece of art that is as intimate as I can make it from me to you, and I want to share this experience with as many as I can without diluting it's worth.

I hope to exceed expectations on this first set of prints.

Thank you for your support!!

Here's some photos of Muir Woods and Mt. Tamalpais!

@haveyoumetjose #teamcozy #nike


Don't let your dreams be dreams




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