We hosted #FLPhotowalk

July 30, 2015

I'm so proud to have hosted and organized a photowalk with @haveyoumetjose. It was a great success with a turnout of 17 fun and energetic people! We started the day off at 1:00pm meeting atop Alamo Square park in San Francisco, ending with a 4.5 mile walk all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge! Something Jose and I found at the usual Instameets that take place is that the crowds are usually so big and dispersed that there isn't much of a sense of direction or unison. We set out by creating a clear path that we'd take through the city and keep together as one group. We also themed it around Fashion and Lifestyle. Thus the name, FLPhotowalk. The SacIGBoyz were there in full force, as well as friends from SF, and new ones which joined us. Enjoy the photos from the walk and be prepared to see future events from us.


 before we even got there

 one of the first people we meet is erick (@_er0d_) and kendall (@kendall.leee)

i found something familiar across from us. full house anyone? 

 the man responsible for being popular around SF (@haveyoumetjose)

 eyes that can kill

 and a face that says... "grrr" (@meianakahara)

 happy all the time this homie (@sub.culture)

memories made tangible from Xing's portable polaroid (@caliallstaring) 

 grass made for fashion

 jose's camera on point even when he's not touching it

 mantis prays high

 keeping the iphone-tography solid all the time (@nobezel)

 the greatest country ever...

beauty hidden in the leaves (@iamkaylanettles) joined us all the way from Nashville

 a stroke of the brush

 a dreamy hill to pass the busy day from

 no fans required in san francisco


 Omar the killer joining in on the action (@conscious.o)

 set up

 the jump

some behind the scenes of the photos you see

warning: this gate is monitored...



 their abbey road

 break in case of emergency


 clip clap

tennis ball hackey 

 caught under one roof

 wandering about

 this man is all about stance

 safety first everyone

 friends are everywhere we look (@naveedahmadphoto)

 Dylan (@sealsurlaw) and Simon are besties for life Victoria (@__victorious__) is just chillin' though, don't want to get in the middle of that bro-mance.

 when color sucks, just throw it in black and white

 like the scene from titanic

 ...where's jack?

a smile that only california can bring out

 summer heat

 new tinder profile picture ;)

hidden in the distance, always in sight 

 a fresh tennis ball, a blank slate

 looking up

 a memory written in ink

 now you've met jose

 a mobster killing all of the shots 


 night ride

in the backseat 

fly through the traffic 

 final destination

 34 floors above

 a city that's beautiful any time of day



Well, that's a wrap for this photoblog. Hope you enjoyed going through the photos we got. If you like what you saw and want more, follow me on facebook at www.facebook.com/avkinder for updates on this website, also be sure to check out the Instagram for new posts daily. 






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