Trip to the Crocker Art Museum

I was excited to open up the mail a few weeks ago to find a letter addressed to me from the Crocker Art Museum (@crockerart).

I unfolded the flaps and opened it to see the contents. There was a note from Andrew Rogers, the Website and Data Management Specialist. He greeted me and welcomed me to see the Museum with admission tickets he personally signed over to me.

What led to that was just a bit of luck and proper timing I suppose. About a month ago I was hosting the Instagrammers Sacramento (@IgersSac) account over a weekend. During the host I posted a picture of the front of the Crocker Art Museum that was taken at night with my friends Ray (@sub.culture) and Angelo (@nobezel). I had mentioned in the post that I had never been to the Museum and would have to visit it while I'm here in Sacramento. So, Mr. Rogers (had to say it) was checking out the posts and happened to see my photo, out of kindness he extended a hand to let me see the museum for myself.

Well, I finally had a chance to see the museum and I gave the 3 extra passes to my friends Jose (@haveyoumetjose), Angelo, and Ray. I wanted them to join me and take photos as we normally do anytime we're out.

Here's how it went:


The entrance.


Lined up, tickets passed, ready to go.


Greeted by the visitors already settling in for the day.


Never enough #teamcozy


Shoes are very important.


Architecture everywhere was stunning.


A little edit of this piece of pop-art. In person it's as if the circles themselves pop out of the picture.


This piece in particular I'd say was my most favorite. So I wanted to take a proper photo and display it. I included a little shift in color from the original. The teal was originally a more deep royal blue. I like this version better ;)


You know I wasn't kidding when I said we like our shoes, right?


A "step" back.


A blur in time.


The study.