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Night-time and an infinite playlist

First, I apologize for not updating the blog in a while. I can tell you plenty of reasons why I was too busy and neglecting this, but I'll save you the read.

(Does anyone read this anyways?)

I have a few updates to give to everyone.

1. I almost died last Thursday. It was slightly nerve-wrecking. I was doing maintenance on a 208V 3 phase breaker and when doing checks to ground found that it was live. The rod I had in my hand to check it, arc flashed the moment it touched the cable and all I saw was a basketball size flash of light, followed instantly by a blast louder than a shotgun. I am very amazed that I'm breathing right now, that could have gone wrong on so many levels. Shaking that off took a few days.

2. I'm going to be looking at print shops in Sacramento for my upcoming project. I haven't decided the edition of it yet, but I am almost positive I want to run 24x36. It's going to be fine-art quality. I want the owner of the print to feel the personal connection between myself and the photo. I have selected the following photograph for prints:

3. I am planning a photo-meet later in the summer. I have not decided specifics yet, but my last meeting in San Francisco was a huge success for a very last-minute arrangement. I was very surprised so many people wanted to go. The next one will be much more planned out.

I hope to update you more regularly. Thanks for sticking around!


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