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The journey.

So here I am. It's 2:57am on a Saturday morning, I haven't gone out to the bars or clubs in a while. It's a scene I'm not too upset to be missing anymore.

I'm writing here to share my experiences, my "journey" so to speak. Where this journey is going, I don't know. I'm so clueless I can't even tell you where I'm going for lunch tomorrow.

What I want to share is worth mentioning though. Something I hope everyone that reads this is able to feel, able to understand. Great days, memorable days, they're the ones that didn't start like your Monday through Friday 8:00am schedule. They are unorthodox. They don't care what's going on in your life. They come for you and take over.

That was my night on Friday the 24th.

I wasn't going to let anything keeping me from going to San Francisco in the dead of night after work ended. There was a hunger inside of me that could only be fed with adrenaline. Jose and I took off for San Francisco in the pouring rain, knowing it would be like that the remainder of the night. We drove out to some regular San Francisco scenes, a lighthouse, Sutro Baths, and downtown. We wanted to get on our feet and do night photography, and the wind and rain was sabotaging every step we took along the way. After battling the inclement weather for about 4 hours it finally began to dwindle down. We headed to the Golden Gate bridge for some shots before our 5:30am meet-up. Taking what shots we could of the San Francisco Bay and the Bridge, we gathered our things and moved to the meeting spot. We met some good people from the area. Photographers like us who all were either battling tiredness from being up the night before like ourselves, or even just the general bitterness of the morning. Either way, we all made it to the bridge at 5:30am sharp. We all followed on with that adrenaline we were all feeding on. We all got what we came for. Moments like that, when you successfully complete something your heart set out to do, those are the days worth noting. I don't care if I was "productive" one day by settling some bills or doing the laundry. Truly being productive is that feeling in your soul that says "I like where we are today".

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