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Home to the Sunshine State

I recently went back home to Melbourne, Florida. Together with my mom and sister, we planned a short trip to fly me home last weekend. I got to take my mom to the Cambodian temple in St. Cloud so she could pray and be there for the Cambodian New Years traditions. Feeding the monks, eating, and bringing the Khmai community together. I watched my little nephews while they played on the trampolines and showed them how to do a few flips. We also went to watch my nephew Tristan complete his testing for his next belt in Tai Kwon Do. The next day I helped my sister host my niece's First Birthday Party at the beach. It was a great turnout, all of our family and friends made it out just to see the little birthday girl in with her princess dress and tiara. I got to head to the beach and have a few beers with my cousins. Always a good time when I'm home visiting.

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