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The Barbershop

When I first moved to Sacramento, a few things were key to getting started in a new city. The first was getting into a house. Once I got that squared away, I needed to know where the best shopping was to be. But most importantly, once I got into town, I knew I had to find the most legit barbershop to keep me on top of my hair game. A friend was looking to get his beard trimmed and we found True Blue Barbershop in downtown. I've been going there since to get my haircut by Zach. The shop has an ink and rock music vibe to it. It's in all simplicity a gritty, American, traditional barbershop. No extra bullsh**t. Just go in, get your haircut, and go on with your life. Except, when you come out of this place, you come groomed with some fresh ass fades. Zach kills it with a straight edge razor and some scissors. Mikey, the owner holds down the fort and is the vocalist for Hoods, a hardcore punk band from Sacramento.

Anyways, Zach and I had the great idea of getting some photos for promotional use. I didn't hesitate to get down with shooting for it. Here's what happened:

You can follow Zach and see his daily cuts on Instagram: @RedHeadZach

Always keep up with my photos here and on my Instagram at: @avkinder_

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