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Last Sunday was a crazy long day for me. I travelled out to San Francisco with my buddy Jose (@HaveYouMetJose) for Andy To's (@AndyTo) Instagram meet on Treasure Island. We started off the day at Twin Peaks to take some shots of SF from above. Eventually we headed out to Treasure Island to eat and check out some vantage points of the Bay Bridge. Treasure Island is known for it's views of the bridges leading into San Francisco, and sporting a breathtaking view of the city. Other than that, I'm not sure what else goes on there, most of the island is home to abandoned buildings that used to belong to the military. The Instameet was a success, I had the opportunity to acquaint with some of the bay area's best photographers and meet new faces that are sure to come by again. It was inspiring to be with so many creative personalities in one spot.

Twin Peaks

@HaveYouMetJose doing his iconic #phonespective

@HaveYouMetJose on top of SF

One of the most beautiful views of San Francisco

One step back...

People got adventurous

@LeJaclyn floating over the rocks

@LeJaclyn against the city

@EricLuis with the smoke stick. The first thing I thought of was American Sniper, the red, white, and blue. The patriot in me couldn't let go of this edit.

@EricLuis signalling over the city

Never a dull moment on Treasure Island. This Impala had a boudoir shoot moments before we stopped by

Find a spot to watch the city

Traffic circling round

When you sit up there watching time pass and the lights buzz, you begin to wonder why we worry about such stupid things in life

Feed your mind


A few years ago, I downloaded a wallpaper on my desktop with the Bay Bridge in it. I thought it was one of the most beautiful urban scenes I'd ever seen. A few years later and some experience under my belt, I didn't think I'd capture an image stronger than the one I downloaded, and actually see it with my own eyes. The world changes fast.

Always keep up with my photos here and on my Instagram at: @avkinder_

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