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The latest preset pack, Version 2 includes 6 unique styles with 18 presets in total. They are made to help any level of photographer with their editing flow in Lightroom. Each style has a specific mood it has been developed for, with 3 different exposure settings to help speed the application process.


6 Lightroom Presets

  • Always Inspired
  • Beachy
  • Deep Blue
  • Lifestyle
  • Sunset Chaser
  • Tone Slayer


Always Inspired – My classic preset, born from inspiration, and dialed in for the adventurer. Contrast paired with a river of color.


Beachy – For those crisp rays of sunshine and the playfulness of the winds blowing on a nice day at the beach. Topped with the accents to a delightful tone curve.


Deep Blue – Tuned to the crashes of waves under an overcast day. Deep Blue brings an atmosphere that sullens, while pulling rich colors out of blues and aquas. Film feels.


Lifestyle – Simplify your images to an optimistic, lighter style. The whites and natural colors bring life to outdoor shots, especially tweaked for mid-day photoshoots.


Sunset Chaser – Developed for shooting sunsets, and catching colorful flares in-camera. Boosts the warm hues and jolts vibrance into your golden hour.


Tone Slayer – Tone Slayer will defeat the Mad King. Temperature shifts to a cool spectrum and brings out more details in shadows. To add even more games to your tones, slide the contrast up.

"Version 2" Lightroom Preset Pack

  • 1. Open Lightroom.

    2. On Mac Go to Lightroom > Preferences > Presets

    On PC Go To: Edit > Preferences > Presets.

    3. Click On The Box Titled: Show Lightroom Presets Folder.

    4. Double Click on Lightroom.

    5. Double Click on Develop Presets.

    6. Copy The Folder “Version2-AVKinder” Into Develop Presets.

    7. Restart Lightroom.

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