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Never have I ever :

(in a relationship)

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Never Have I Ever has been a popular drinking game which challenges friends and strangers alike to reveal parts about themselves through subtraction. It allows for some interesting and fun discussions to stem off of what’s told during the game, and the players all get to learn a little more about each other.


Relationships are unique things. No two are the same, and each one has something special about it that no other can hold. Sometimes we find commonality, either with ourselves, or the partners we choose. They can be serious parts of our lives, some of the best, and some of the worst experiences we willingly throw ourselves into.


Rarely do we speak about relationships in an open forum that lets us look deeper into the personal things that make imprints on us, usually dialogue is generalized and diagnosed in a black or white manner where things are obviously right or wrong. The truth though, is that there is a lot of fine particulars about relationships that are not universal, and through playing “Never Have I Ever” we can find out some of these nuances, some things that are specific to the individual. In some cases we find out dark secrets, mostly sad, that an individual feels insecure about because it’s never happened to them. In other chances, we find some of the lighter side of relationships in the funny things that are revealed.


The Never Have I Ever project is a series of photograph sets taken from the prompt "Never have I ever _______", where anyone can anonymously submit an answer. This experiment gives us a glimpse of real thoughts from real people, in an attempt to discover more about human relationships.



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